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5 Delicious Autumn Inspired Salads To Eat Now

Eating healthy is an important part of our lives, as it should be. We all know how vital it is to incorporate a healthy balance of fresh fruits and vegetables into our meals, but what do you do when the weather starts to change and fall finally arrives for good? Do you stop eating your beautiful salads that are piled high with fresh leafy greens? Of course not. Cooler weather does not mean that you have to cut out salads completely. Here are five salads that will inspire you to stay healthy during the fall season.

1. Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa and Black Bean Salad by Erin Clarke, Well Plated:

Erin Clarke, Well Plated

Erin Clarke, Well Plated

This delicious salad would be perfect during any season. However, the mixture of warm vegetables, quinoa, and greens are ideal for fall weather. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master chef to make this either. It is simple enough that anyone can make it.

2. Tuscan Kale and Apple Salad by Sonali, The Foodie Physician:

Sonali, The Foodie Physician

Sonali, The Foodie Physician

This salad is just as amazing as its name. The Tuscan Kale and Apple salad is filled with delicious vitamins and nutrients and it is hassle free to make. The pairing of kale and apples are perfect for this time of year. You can enjoy it while sitting in front of the fireplace while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa for an extra sweetness.

3. Fall Quinoa Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash and Golden Berries by Amber St. Peter, Good Saint, formerly Fettle Vegan.

Amber St. Peter, Fettle Vegan

Amber St. Peter, Fettle Vegan

I would never have imagined pairing berries with squash and quinoa until now. This filling ensemble was made for the autumn season, and I’m so glad that it was. From the roasted squash to the perfectly cooked quinoa, once you make this salad you will be thanking yourself for doing so. The salad mixes the vegetables of fall so very well—you won’t regret it. It’s great as a side dish on your festive Thanksgiving table or “a packed-lunch for the week.”

4. Baked Taco Salad by Cara Reed, Fork & Beans:

Cara Reed, Fork & Beans

Cara Reed, Fork & Beans

Can we agree that tacos are amazing any time of the year? Yes—okay good! They are synonymous with the warmer seasons when you’re on a run to fulfill your Chipotle craving or heading out for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The meaty and sometimes oily meal can leave you feeling pretty stuffed and not so fit after a few takes. Lucky for you, we found a healthy and nutritious taco salad loaded with “super food ingredients like quinoa and kale” that can be enjoyed during the fall and when the weather heats up again.

5. Vegan Kale Salad with Sweet Lemon Maple Dressing by Jacquelyn Grandy, Marin Mama Cooks:

Jacquelyn Grandy, Marin Mama Cooks

Jacquelyn Grandy, Marin Mama Cooks

Kale salads are a big trend right now as you can tell from our list. The powerful greens are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are important for the health of our bodies, such as vitamin A and vitamin C. This dish may be on the healthier side, but that doesn’t mean it tastes that way. You can enjoy this nutritious salad without feeling like you’re chewing on bland leaves. The tofu maple syrup and lemon juice dressing is by far the best part. A good dressing really makes or breaks the salad, and this one is definitely making the cut.

By Taryn Graham | Feature Image: Brooke Lark; Food Images: Courtesy of Foodie Influencer

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