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Timeless Fashion; Let’s Talk Twenties

Let’s talk timeless fashion with Stephanie, NYC fashion blogger of…Let’s Talk Twenties!


Meet Stephanie, one of our bloggers for “The Next Level; Life + Fashion” issue!

I think it’s probably safe to say that at least half of my wardrobe is vintage, thrifted or second hand. I find that shopping at a store made up of other people’s closets is so much more fun than shopping at a store with 100 of the same style top or pants.

It adds a more personal touch to my style and makes me feel like an individual.

In my opinion, vintage jackets and blazers are the best. They have a larger, boxier fit and amazing shoulder structures. I have found the absolute best vintage Dior jackets at thrift stores all over Manhattan. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten away with only paying as little as $20 for a matching skirt and jacket. Does life get better? Whoever these ladies were that wore the fabulous Dior jackets that I’ve adopted have got it going on. They know all about that boyfriend trend, and I don’t mean an actual boyfriend. A boxy jacket and some skinny jeans are my go-to’s for fall dressing. xx -S, Let’s Talk Twenties Courtesy Photos

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