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Seven Nation Army

We’re bringing army back big time this season! Everywhere I turn, nearly every designer/shop has a rendition of this super functional military classic.

Lisa Rosado

Lisa Rosado

There are so many fun silhouettes and takes on the standard army jacket available at the moment and this one was hard to pass up! Not only is the shape and movement of this piece unique, but it’s also a true steal for under $40!

Keeping comfort in mind during long school days, I grabbed a super comfy and loose fitting white graphic tee and slipped on a pair of black distressed skinny jeans.

Style tip: Adding balance to outfits is key!

If you are wearing a billowy top, reach for more tailored bottoms like skinny jeans or tights. If you are wearing a more body conscious top, pair it with loose fitting bottoms like boyfriend jeans or flowy skirts!

Now, let’s get to the fun part! Olive green is a wonderful neutral base to work off of. This leopard print circle scarf is absolute perfection against army green and scarves are great for keeping you warm and cozied up on those cool fall days quickly approaching!

What makes this outfit really stand out from the crowd? These insanely cool fuchsia Modern Vice Benni lace-ups! I’m absolutely crazy over adding a bold and vibrant pop of color to the usual fall neutrals and this year, it’s completely on trend!

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the typical warm hues we’ve come to expect of fall. Try adding some fun, unexpected elements to your fall basics! I think you’ll be impressed with the outcome!

Lisa Rosado, personal style blogger

Photo: Nicholas Perrone

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