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Mad for Plaid

The very first thing that comes to mind when I think of back-to-school wardrobe essentials is PLAID! I’m totally mad for plaid! The all-American plaid shirt, grunge era plaid skirts & 70’s inspired plaid dresses — plaid is the ultimate fall staple! Not to mention, completely comfortable and always on trend!

Meet Lisa Rosado, one of our bloggers for "The Next Level; Life + Fashion" issue!

Meet Lisa Rosado, one of our bloggers for “The Next Level; Life + Fashion” issue!

We are all prone to pairing our favorite tartan button-downs with a pair of jeans, but why not swap out the jeans for a jean jacket & opt for an adorable black faux leather skirt instead?

This is an easy way to give an otherwise classic, boyish shirt a more feminine & slightly edgier flair!

I’ve been experimenting with not making my outfits so matchy-match and it’s become my favorite past time. With this outfit, I focused on breaking up the colors to give the ensemble a little more life and make it a little more interesting to the eye.

A denim washed cropped jean jacket over a primarily white and red plaid shirt, tucked into a pleated black faux leather skirt paired with nude western inspired booties — this may be one of my favorite fall outfits to date!

Lisa Rosado, personal style blogger

Thanks Lisa, for sharing your back-to-school tips with YHM! Check out Lisa’s adventures from her #YHMIGTakeover.

Portrait: Nicholas Perrone

All others: Courtesy Photos

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