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All About Sunglasses

With sunglasses more likely on the forefront of the list of the top 10 must have accessories for the next two seasons, YHM has curated a list of the best sunglass styles of 2014!

Whether the fashionable retro cat-eye, rockin’ aviators, grungy round eye lenses, or any of the other popular styles, sunglasses are most importantly used to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. However, we can all admit that they are the hottest accessory to have right now.

Below are some of the most stylish shades out that will complete your fashion looks, while also blocking the piercing sunlight.

One can never go wrong with all black cat eye sunglasses. These are sexy and super stylish. You can try wearing these with just about anything you have in your closet.

Nasty Gal, $40

Now, these are super cute! If you are headed to a festival or outdoor concert, these are definitely the perfect choice.

Tilly’s, $9.99

When we saw these glasses, we automatically think of the word hipster! You can try these cool Wayfarer sun glasses with the brown tinted lens for an edgy and cool style.

ASOS, $22.58

Hexagonal star glasses is a new style and we cannot deny that they are pretty cool. Check out these fun white frame glasses.

River Island, $26

It’s time to get glam! These coral colored glasses are retro and cute.  You can complete this look with one of your favorite sundresses (perhaps floral) for the summer.

Nordstorm, $32

By Fatimah Foster

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