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Trend Alert: Platform Sandals

Are you concerned with purchasing comfortable shoes this spring/summer, but you don’t want to compensate for the shoe’s stylish appearance? Then, these shoes are great for you!

Platform sandals have always been on the fashion radar. Over the years they have been continuously improved and reinvented. However, this year they are particularly different in style!

The sandals still give us those few inches of height off the ground, but this time around, the platform isn’t wedged. They have a thick flat platform that is supportive and a sweet-casual shoe alternative.

Infinity Shoes, $69.95

Infinity Shoes, $69.95

These shoes are similar to the one above, but the metallic shell is truly an eye-catching trend. They would make a great addition to any futuristic outfit of your choice.

Zara, $79

Zara, $59.99

The perfect casual shoe! Instead of wearing a typical pair of flip-flops, opt for these amazing slip on shoes. Try wearing these with a pair of boyfriend jeans and loose-fitting tee shirt.

Lori's Shoes, $72.95

Lori’s Shoes, $72.95

These black Steve Madden shoes will go perfectly with any of your summer ventures out to the mall or a steaming BBQ party!

Steve Madden, $47.98

Steve Madden, $47.98

By Fatimah Foster

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