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Wrap Into Style

In the dark moments of bad hair days, we get reminded of the lack of solutions there are to maintain frizzy ends right before exiting the door.

Luckily the life-saving fashion trend, the headband, can fix your hair dilemma in 3 short steps or less.

Not only is it an emergency hair solution, but it also instantly adds personality to your outfits with its variety of choices including different patterns, styles, and colors.

Which one would you wear?

Pretty in pink. Wear this soft and light weight hair scarf as a hair accessory on a day you don’t feel like doing your hair.

ASOS, $9.41

ASOS, $9.41

For a grunge look, wear this thick charcoal turban-styled head wrap as a sporty head accessory.

Nasty Gal, $20

Nasty Gal, $20

This electric blue floral head wrap would look amazing with a blue box shaped over sized t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

Topshop, $14.15

This exotic head wrap is cute and accessible. You can wear it with any of your clothes and it will create an instant fierce look.

Forever 21, $3.80

This mesh head wrap has a pretty floral print. You could use it to tie up your hair on a beach day.

Nordstrom, $34

Nordstrom, $34

By Fatimah Foster

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