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Rep Your City

Now fashionistas can let everyone know where their style derives from with this cute new trend.

What city are you reppin?

This grey Los Angeles cropped top sets the tone for a super savvy yet fashion forward look.

$15.80, City of Angels Cropped Tank, Forever21

$15.80, City of Angels Cropped Tank, Forever21

To dress up your outfit pair your slouchy tank with this black leather skater skirt.

$56.46 Skater Skirt in Leather Look, Asos

Take a page from Charlie Chaplin’s book by throwing on this black wool brimmed hat!

$12.95, Wool Hat, H&M

Don’t forget the jewelry. Accessorize your fingers with these unique gold rings.

$10.95, With Love From CA Multi Gold Ring Pack, Pacsun

Last but not least, finish off yourfit with these sleek pastel pink combat boots which not only add a bit of color, but a bit of edge to your girly ensemble.

$36.80, Sleek Combat Boots, Forever21

This casual meets trendy outfit will be all the rage among your friends. But remember if they ask where you got your super cute look, don’t forget to mention your favorite magazine.

Be sure to check out more of this trend from our trend alert ‘City Pride!’

By Lisa Green

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