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Mad For Plaid

Considering the different trends that vacillate through out the years, there is one conclusion that can be drawn and it is that there is one trend that has prevailed the harsh criticisms of many fashionistas.

Its classic style has entered our hearts and shows no signs of departing anytime soon. This trend is the infamous plaid pattern that we can find on many different garments.

Besides the image of plaid flannels or plaid button-up shirts we see when we hear the word plaid, plaid is also famously associated with the skirt girls wear in a private school setting as a part of their uniform.

Now, we see many women trading in their skirts for pants and guess what…? They are plaid! Note, they are not the typical brown, khaki, and black plaid mix we usually see, but they are feminine, chic and hot.

Check out some adorable selections of this trend below.

$98.50 – Printed Check Trousers, Massimo Dutti

Have fun with these high waisted and multi-colored plaid trousers.

$108.00 – Plaid Attitude Pant, Nasty Gal

These hunter green plaid pants are perfect for an evening business meeting.

$58.00 – By The Book Trouser Pant, Nasty Gal

Finish the winter season with these unique soft stretch plaid pants. Perfect for staying warm and comfortable on one of these cold winter days.

$40.74 – Peg Pants in Plaid Check Print, ASOS

Business casual pants with a plaid spin is definitely a style to look out for.

By Fatimah Foster

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