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A Nostalgic Journey Through Vintage Graphic Tee’s

A nostalgic journey to the most engrossing periods of time would be an ideal trip for anyone. Consider if you had the opportunity to travel in time and attend the last Nirvana concert in 1994 before the late Kurt Cobain’s death, or drive around in the a 1970 Chevrolt Chevelle 454 SS, but in the actual 70’s.

Surely, you would take the opportunity. Unfortunately, chances such as these do not ever come around, but through vintage graphic tee shirts we could collect vintage or vintage inspired shirts related to these events as memorabilia of the times we missed.

Not only are they great for paying homage to the things YOU specifically find interesting, but also they are extremely versatile pieces of clothing to have in your closet.

When in doubt, wear a graphic tee shirt! Check out some great vintage tee’s below.

Forever 21, $15.80

Forever 21, $15.80

Show who your favorite artists of the past are.

Old Navy, $14.94

Old Navy, $14.94

Take a trip down memory lane by wearing your favorite childhood cartoon characters.

Target, $12.99

Target, $12.99

Vintage graphic tees are a must have through out all seasons.You won’t regret racking up on your favorite ones. From date night to a quick trip to the laundry mat, vintage graphic tee’s can be worn just about anywhere with almost anything and still look pretty great.

By Fatimah Foster

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