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Against All Odds

When we’re little, the possibilities of life seem endless. We dream of becoming famous dancers, singers, doctors and politicians. Sometimes through the hardships of life, we forget the things that used to keep us up at night. We get caught up in school and getting good grades that we lose sight of our real passion. However, don’t worry! It’s never too late! This week we talked to college students Rachel McGoldrick and Kim McKinnon about how they pursued their passions against all odds.

Rachel McGoldrick

Rachel McGoldrick

Kim McKinnon

Kim McKinnon

Rachel McGoldrick: My main passion in life, as long as I can remember has been singing.

Kim McKinnon: For me, my passion has always been been running

RM: When i was little, my mom would turn on the radio and let me sing “Baby Beluga” for hours on end. As I got older I began to take vocal lessons, participated in choirs and musicals, and even toured the East coast with an acapella group called the RocknRoll Chorus. I know success in the music industry is a long shot, but I’m lucky to have amazing friends and loving family who support my dreams 100%.

KM: I wish I could say I started when I was little. I didn’t get involved until high school. The happiest times I have ever had were on the track or at track meets. I’ve met some of my best friends (and boyfriends) through running and honestly I can’t Imagine my life without it. I’m going to Monmouth University to run and even though being a professional athlete is a a 1% chance, I don’t see any other way I can be happy.

RM: My passion is my biggest addiction!

KM:I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to!

By Ijeoma Unachukwu

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