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The Ties That Bind…

Over the past few years, the past few decades even, we have bore witness to an evolution. No, I’m not talking about Britney’s rise and fall (and surprising rise again), I’m talking about men’s fashion, and one of the most important pieces in a man’s wardrobe: the tie.

From the windsor knot to the hipster skinny style to the extrovert favorite that is the bow tie, this style staple has clearly taken on more forms than one would expect.

Ties continue to offer timeless elegance, so let’s take a walk down memory lane while we show you some of our favorite styles from past, present, and what we love for the future.

Try a classic stripe print on a textured skinny style:

The Paxton Stripe Knit Tie, $85.00

The Paxton Stripe Knit Tie, $85.00

Or a square-tip:

Square Tie, $5.99

Square Tie, $5.99

And of course there’s the ever-popular bow tie:

Native Herringbone-Dusty Rose, $15.00

Native Herringbone-Dusty Rose, $15.00

There you have it, plenty of tie options to satisfy every taste and individual style!

By Logan Sykes

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