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Here Comes the Sun

While the sunshine is known to make an appearance throughout each of the seasons, summer has always been the staple period to rock your most stylish pair of sunnies. The styles have only gotten more and more bold since Memorial Day and we’re here to let you know that any boundary that may have existed before? Gone.

Sunglasses have evolved into a little piece of personal artwork for the wearer, from floral prints to accents and tints that haven’t been seen since the Nixon Administration. So please excuse our eagerness when we suggest you follow this read with a trip to your nearest boutique or online shop. These styles are not to be passed up!

Let’s start things off with a perfectly versatile pair of shades that can’t help but be noticed. Combining girlish style with cat-eye frames? Like we said, perfection.

'livia' 55mm sunglasses, $158.00

‘livia’ 55mm sunglasses, $158.00

Now, with the eyes being the windows to the soul and all, why not try a pair that screams expression and a little mystique? While there may be little difficulty in peering into those aforementioned windows, there still lies some mystery behind the gal that rocks a purple tint.

Merry Go Round Sunglasses, $16.00

Merry Go Round Sunglasses, $16.00

Vintage Flower Frame Sunglasses, $13.99

Vintage Flower Frame Sunglasses, $13.99

Quite possibly the most wild evolution of the sunglass style has been the introduction of the add-on. We now see rhinestones and flowers and decals being turned into accents on our favorite pairs of frames. We personally have fallen in love with the delicate floral style perched on this pair.

A-Morir Phillips Sunglasses, $300.00

A-Morir Phillips Sunglasses, $300.00

Sunglasses, like clothing, provide a certain identity, a personality if you will, for its wearer. So for those brave (and stylish!) enough to don some of the pairs we’ve plucked from the best brands out there today, we extend a fabulously accessorized hand to you. Like with anything in life, don’t be afraid to try new things, in this case new styles. After all, how else will you discover you were meant to protect those pretty little peepers of yours with a pair of lavender-tinted John Lennon frames?

Until next time, this has been your go-to online magazine broadening your style horizons! Now go forth, and for the love of all things fashionable, go forth in style!

By Logan Sykes

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