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The Flashback Fashion Trend

A curious thing happened the other day–we walked past a store window and could’ve sworn the mannequin stole a look directly off of a character in the beloved 90s sitcom Friends. Dressed in a plaid shirtdress and combat boots, the window display provided a blast from the past. Plaid may seem like a trend reserved for the chillier seasons, but this year it decided to make an early comeback, and we’re welcoming it with open arms. So let us attempt a bold 90s redo, shall we?

Begin this outfit with a plaid shirtdress. What is wonderful about such a dress is that it can easily be worn year round: left as-is in the summer, then paired with tights or a leather jacket in the cooler months.


Rubbish Plaid Shirtdress, $33.90

Continue this look with rugged combat boots, a 90s staple that gives serious edge to the outfit.


ZIGIgirl ‘Tactical’ Boot, $99.90

This hip outfit is perfect for trying out the latest funky trend in eyewear: round glasses. These sunglasses are stylish, fun, and avoid making you look like Harry Potter (not that looking like Mr. Potter is necessarily a bad look).


Leonard Round Glasses, Tortoise, $165

Add an extra dash of rock ‘n’ roll to this outfit with a fabulous studded clutch, complete with a handle cleverly made to look like cocktail rings.


‘Finger’ Studded Clutch, $48

That’s all you need to boldly go back to the 90s!

As always, hope we inspired you to create an outfit that is a stylish blast from the past. And if someone asks where you got it from, make sure you mention your favorite online fashion magazine!

by Casey Gale


  1. amatterofinstinct says

    Nice “how to”. I am all about blasts from the past right now too.

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