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Sun’s Out: Style for the Gentlemen!

Like the title suggests, a little extra sunshine means a whole new excuse to bear arms. And when the days get hotter, so do men’s style choices.

This week we’re taking a look at the male tank top, a proven versatile piece that gives guys the chance to let their personality shine through all the while staying cool on those long summer nights. Whether it’s stars and stripes or a goofy graphic, there’s something for everyone in this lot. Here are some of our favorites:

Summertime leaves room to be just that much more playful with your clothing options, so don’t be shy! Sport that off-the-wall choice that promises admiring eyes.

True Vintage Stay Golden Tank, $22.50

True Vintage Stay Golden Tank, $22.50

Surfer look more your style? Nothing wrong with a good ‘ol tribal print. We love this version from Element:

Clovis Tank Top, $9.99

Clovis Tank Top, $9.99

It may be summer, but there’s still plenty of stuff to carry around (even for a guy!) however fewer layers of clothing to store it all in. No worries, grab a tank with a pocket and always know where your money/phone/car keys are.

Automate Tank, $19.99

Automate Tank, $19.99

Just like the ladies, men have the option of covering up at the beach if they’d like, too. We’re sure said ladies might have a few reservations (it is summer after all!), but we want our male readers to know there are plenty of options out there that give them the chance to cover up in style. This particular piece can kill it on the beach or boardwalk, your choice.

ROOK Wipeout Tank, $31.99

ROOK Wipeout Tank, $31.99

So even though summer may be on its way out (and fast, might we sullenly add), these styles will last long past Labor Day. The prints and graphics may change but remember the men’s tank top is a new style staple that can help make an outfit work year round.

By Logan Sykes

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