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Serving In Fun & Memorable Ways

When people think about sororities, they may think it’s all about partying, fancy houses, and pretty girls with “mean girl” attitudes. But if they were really to learn about sorority workings, they would know it’s a great way to build lasting friendships, while also giving girls a way to establish a place within society.

Leadership and service are two very important aspects of sorority life and Sigma Kappa member Lindsey Sosnowski, from Duquesne University, knows this very well. YHM asks her what she feels about community service and how her chapter finds fun ways to give back to the community.

Lindsey, Pennsylvania

Lindsey, Pennsylvania – Courtesy Photo

“I think community service is a huge component of being in a sorority. It’s a nice way to see how the time we spend volunteering can impact a person’s life for the better.

My chapter does several different community service events throughout the year but my personal individuals.”favorite is when we raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association and attend a walk at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

We get to see the family members of people who are affected by the disease have smiles on their face, and getting to see the animals doesn’t hurt either!

We also hold activities like bingo and city clean ups as well as an annual kickball tournament called Kick for a Cause to raise money for different causes.

These are all different and fun ways to get people involved to make great things happen. I think service is a terrific way to transform people into well-rounded

By Jnel Billups

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