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All the Fixins: Men’s Accessories Galore

This week in Lips on Fashion we’re diving right into the world of the male accessory. Yep, that’s right, guys can wear bracelets too! (the kind of bracelet, however, is up for debate.)

So while this under-discussed and under-appreciated (in our opinion) style choice may be different from the mounds of women’s counterparts, the male accessory is equally fashionable and able to stand out in any case for any occasion.

And we’re not talking about the murse here gentlemen (man-purse for all those unaware), we’re picking some of the most stylish and eye-catching looks out there.

For starters, let’s talk about the easiest and extremely understated piece of the male accessory line: the tie. While some may not even consider this to be an accessory, we beg to differ.

A tie to a man is like a necklace to a woman. It makes a statement and also says a lot about the man behind the clothing. Here’s our favorite:

Multi Neon Palm Leaf 5cm Tie, $20.00

Multi Neon Palm Leaf 5cm Tie, $20.00

Now let’s look at the more flashy, sometimes outlandish-looking pieces: watches and money clips. NEWSFLASH: Guys like shiny things too! So here’s a look at some of the best (and brightest) pieces you can pick up today.

'Little Daddy' Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, $196.90

‘Little Daddy’ Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, $196.90

New York Silver Street Money Clip, $19.99

New York Silver Street Money Clip, $19.99

Finally, at one point or another, you’re going to have somewhere fancy to go. So you’ve got your slacks, your suit jacket, and a pair of newly polished shoes. The finishing touch to your dapper look?

It’s all about the cufflinks. Cufflinks are the equivalent of earrings for a man and like a tie, can tell a lot about the person wearing them. Monogram? Skulls? There’s something for everyone. This Brooks Brothers pair comes in almost every color you can imagine!

Knot Cuff Links, $9.00

Knot Cuff Links, $9.00

There you have it, a look inside the endless possibilities that come with men’s accessories. Now go ahead and grab some of your own favorites to add to your wardrobe.

We think you’re going to have some tough decisions ahead of you. Tie or bow tie? Silver or gold? The list goes on….

By Logan Sykes

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