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Work It, Girl!

In order to have sufficient funds for summer play, one must clock in some time at work. Offices can feel a bit drab at times, so why not bring some color to the workplace?

Start this look off with a professional yet fun button-down shirt in a cute print. The versatility of this top makes it well worth the price tag, as it can be worn in any season and works as both professional wear and casual wear.


Fitted Boyfriend Printed Shirt, $54.95

Next, brighten up the look with an attention-grabbing pencil skirt. The length makes it office appropriate while the color still keeps your outfit looking young and fresh.


Solid Knee Length Skirt, $17.80

You can’t go wrong with a pair of nude flats. They go with almost every outfit and their mix of comfort and style makes them a go-to pair of shoes for the office.


Women’s Chelsea Flat, $17.99

Finally, add some edge to the outfit with a chunky, funky bangle. Keep it quirky enough that it’ll turn heads but muted enough that it won’t turn them for the wrong reasons.


Bauhaus Blue Rubber Rock Cuff, $75.62

There you have it! A fresh look for the up-and-coming professional.

As always, we hope we’ve inspired you to create a professional yet stylish outfit. And if someone asks where you got it from, make sure you mention your favorite online fashion magazine!

by Casey Gale

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