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Unknown Heroes

Summer is the time where people can expect a plethora of superhero-based movies to be presented to them. Superman, Iron Man, and Wolverine are all names that people today know and will pay to see in theaters.

But, there are people who aren’t known worldwide who can be described as heroes for their noble and tremendous qualities. YHM asks Boston University student Colette Johnson who her hero is.

Colette Johnson

Colette Johnson – Courtesy Photo

My hero is hands down my mother. She has shown to me what it means to be an exceptional human being. She has taught me to be strong, to believe in myself, and make sure that I do everything possible to achieve my goals.

She works everyday to make sure that my sister and I never have to want anything. I only hope that everyone has a hero figure like my mother because I think you need someone that you can look up to and admire so that you have an idea of what it means to be dignified and successful.

I don’t know what I would do without her and that is why she is my hero.

By Jnel Billups

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