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Lend a Helping Hand in Style!

Summer is, of course, the time for fun in the sun. And while it is tempting to spend every moment of summer break doing whatever your heart desires, these few months off give the perfect opportunity to sacrifice some of your spare time to help others.

Whether it is volunteering or helping a friend with babysitting duty, there are plenty of ways to take action and do a good deed this season. We’re here to tell you that sacrificing your time does not mean sacrificing your style, though!

When it comes to lending a helping hand, practicality and comfort are of the utmost importance. Start  your outfit off with this simple, flowing Henley tunic.

Mae Henley Tunic, $58.00

To add some excitement to the muted yet fabulous gray top, try pairing it with brightly colored shorts.

Women’s Everyday Khaki Shorts, $15.97

Cute, comfy sneakers are the perfect way to keep your outfit fun and casual.


Champion Tiger, $45.00

Whether you’re volunteering your time or helping out loved ones, clunky bracelets and hooped earrings will end up being a bother. Be sure to wear accessories that are small and won’t get in the way of your project.

Add a bit of bling to your outfit while keeping your hair out of your eyes at the same time with a rhinestone headband.


Aerie Sparkle Braided Headband, $15.95

For earrings, try a small stud. To keep this outfit fresh and funky, wear a pair of mix-and-match standouts.


This & That Earring Set, $20.00

If you’d like to add a personal touch to the look, finish off the outfit with a zodiac necklace featuring your sign.


Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace in Astronomy Design, $19.00

That’s all you need to spend the day lending a hand in style!

As always, hope we inspired you to create a practical yet stylish look that is perfect for a day spent by helping others. And if someone asks where you got it from, make sure you mention your favorite online fashion magazine!

By Casey Gale

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