Is YHM Magazine hiring?

  • Unfortunately we are not hiring at the moment. However, YHM has internships for marketing and journalism platforms. Learn more about our programs here.
  • Team YHM works with freelance photographers and graphic designers for promotions based on past collaborations.

How do you select people for Voice of the Month, Fashion Spotlight, etc?

YHM works off of referrals and entries. If you feel like you would be a great person to be featured or if you know someone else who is awesome, submit your entry here.

Where did you get the name YHM Magazine?

Young Hot and Modern (YHM) was founded by Yegide H. Matthews. As a young girl she always dreamed of having her own magazine to empower females. Her mother came up with the title young, hot, and modern.

How often do you post?

YHM publishes weekly and monthly articles.

If your question was not answered here, please  let us know.