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A strong, independent and graceful woman making a change where ever she goes.


Aralí West; A Creative Genius & Her Adventures

What’s your niche? What is the one thing that anyone and everyone comes to you for advice on? Southern Californian, Aralí West has found her calling in not one, but three creative mediums. The most interesting thing about being an artist is the versatility that comes with expressing yourself. West’s creative skills stemmed from a hobby to a business of photography, graphic design, and fashion. After studying journalism at Azusa Pacific University, West went back to earn a second degree in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her magazine experience on-campus helped her devolve a love for more hands-on creativity versus the writing route. While beefing up on her design skills, she then picked up photography from a Los Angeles friend in-tune with the fashion industry. Most, if not all artists have a unique entrepreneurial flare about them. They have to brand themselves and make their passion, and talents evolve naturally. In January 2014, she and Jonathan West, her husband founded West Clove, a modernistic and elegant jewelry brand. West approached her …


A Life in Her Shoes; Corryn & Ekene

Here are two ladies who aspire to inspire others through their blog, In Her Shoes RK. Graduating college and trekking into the real world, especially in today’s economy and the weakening job market, can be a frightening thought for many. With every young person in their twenties seeking their own adventure and path to success, it can be tough to catch up and make a mark in this world. Having been recent college graduates themselves, Corryn (Ryn) Hurrington and Ekene (Ken) Ugboaja understand the struggles that come with adulthood. Their blog, In Her Shoes RK, represents their trials and tribulations and allows their readers to follow their journey as twenty-year-old women. They revealed to YHM their biggest fears to their hopes for the future, and more! YHM: First off, how did the two of you meet and what urged you to create In Her Shoes RK? R & K: We met on the Rutgers Track Team, and after four years of pain and suffering, you kind of get to know each other pretty well. The summer after …


Pursuing Your Passion with Sarah Fennel of Broma Bakery

As a blogger myself, I understand the ups and downs that come with running your own website. However, I find the positive definitely outweighs the negative. I had a conversation with photographer and blogger Sarah Fennel about how to overcome obstacles that may come with blogging and her perspective on pursuing your dreams. I also learned that we share the same belief about butter. YHM: Under your ‘about me’ page, you mention that Broma Bakery is your way of sharing your love of food with others while indulging in your passion for photography. What else do you love about blogging? Sarah Fennel: One thing that I really love about blogging is that you can connect with other people. You can get a lot of feedback on what you love doing and you can see what other people are doing as well. If it excites me then others will be excited about it too. YHM: Have you come across any obstacles and/or difficulties from blogging? If so, how did you overcome them? SF: It can be really easy to compare yourself …


Kasey Ma; Thankfully Making Moves & Meaning Business

Aspirations and goals. Those are two topics anyone can go on and on about this Thanksgiving. As you anticipate those awkward moments around family and friends this holiday season, let this story of Kasey Ma break down any fear you may have of pursuing your dreams and talking about it. Currently enrolled in the executive training program at Lord & Taylor, Ma has quite a lot to be thankful for — from giving up swimming because of medical reasons and holding onto her passion for music by not letting another doctor tell her about new health risks. As some of you prepare for your undergraduate graduation, you may ask yourself: “Who am I without school?” Ma surely asked this question, but swiftly plunging into the fashion business field after a string of profound internships – while studying at New York University – she has no doubts of having any downtime. Her new gig as a trainee for Lord & Taylor’s executive training program has her placed in the Buying Program for the Michael Kors, Vince Camuto and …


YHM Special: Staying Genuine to Yourself with Sarah Jaihe Lee

Committing yourself to following your dreams isn’t an effortless road to travel. There are so many distractions young people can get tangled up in from school to friendships. But, with a plan of action and a driven heart you can make the impossible, possible. YHM’s very own, Sarah Jaihe Lee, breaks down her accomplishments from 2013 and gives us a peek of the year ahead. With a background in English and a craving to share what she loves, this young woman is surprising herself by checking things off her to-do list! YHM: Who is Sarah and what is she all about?  Sarah Jaihe Lee: I’m a senior at Rutgers University majoring in English with a minor in music. I enjoy blogging, cooking, baking, writing and singing. I have been interning with YHM Magazine since June 2013. I was also a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and wrote for “Fashionista Spotlight”. YHM: In what ways have you accomplished your dreams/goals of 2013? SJL: I have accomplished many things in 2013 but I didn’t do it alone. I believe God was …


YHM Special: Pursuing Our Dreams with Jannel Therese Varona

We always promote and push our readers to follow their dreams. Pursuing our dreams may not always be easy, but if we really want something, we should do everything in our power to get it. Our very own intern, Jannel Therese Varona, talks to YHM about going after her dreams as a journalist in the fashion and entertainment world and her resolutions for the New Year. YHM: Tell us a little about yourself. Jannel Therese Varona: I am an aspiring fashion and entertainment journalist. I want to conquer the fashion world one floor of the Hearst Tower at a time. YHM: In what ways have you followed your dreams and what would you tell someone about following theirs? JTV: I attended a lot of networking events and events that would continue to inspire me, and help fuel my determination to achieve my dream. The very last event I went to that impacted me the most was Seventeen Magazine’s Internships 101 Event. I was inspired by people such as Ann Shoket, the Editor in Chief of …