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22 Things to Do in Your 20s

It’s great to be 20-something. You finally feel like a “real adult” and ready to take on the world. Don’t even think about counting down once you hit 25. Keep pushing and growing. Learn how to get comfortable with the unknown and embrace failure, mistakes, and self-love. We put together 22 things to try and accomplish while you’re in your 20s. Enjoy! TRAVEL & PLAY #1 Travel; locally and globally. Whether you’re studying abroad or taking your first ever real-adult-vacay, now is the time to explore the world. Traveling to new places while you’re young can give you a new perspective on life. Jumping across the ocean is not the only way to experience new faces and plates. Discover fine dining in the next town over or fly out to a modest inn in a historic area nearby. #2 Rock it out: It can be an Indie concert your best friend dragged you to or breathtaking moments from Queen Bey herself, a concert is a must. #3 Road trip! Why? Because it is ultra-fun (who says ultra these days)? Gather your …

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5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Relationship with your Bank Account

There is no secret that college is tough, especially when you’re trying to achieve that 4.0 GPA, balance a part-time or full-time job, and squeeze in time for a social life. What’s even more difficult is trying to survive on a college student’s budget; your bank account seems to never be where you want it to be. While your collegiate years are shimmering with new-found independence and breathtaking moments, it’s also the time when you realize that part of becoming an adult, is making smart financial decisions. You start to learn when to say no (or yes!) to those shoes you have eyed for so long. Here are five young women who offer their tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your bank account. Q: Where are some places that you shop that would fit into an average female college student’s budget? A: For my basic pieces, I shop at affordable places: Cotton On and H&M. For fun and trendy pieces, I love checking out stores like Forever 21 because I …


Closing the (Gender) Gap

Here at YHM, we advocate female empowerment and gender equality. So when we read in the October 2015 issue of Glamour Magazine that women’s issues were on the minds of world leaders, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. From September 25-27, world leaders gathered at the United Nations to establish the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which is similar to a “global bucket list of things the world wants to get done over the next 15 years.” In the “Open Working Group proposal for Sustainable Development Goals,” it states: Rio+20 reaffirmed the commitment to strengthen international cooperation to address the persistent challenges related to sustainable development for all, in particular in developing countries. In this regard, it reaffirmed the need to achieve economic stability, sustained economic growth, the promotion of social equity and the protection of the environment, while enhancing gender equality, women’s empowerment and equal employment for all, and the protection, survival and development of children to their full potential, including through education. This is exactly what we need during this time as women in …

College Stress Tips

11 Healthy Ways Students Deal With Stress

College life is full of stressful moments that require major decisions. Almost every choice you make while in school affects both your academic and social life. With midterms coming up we decided to ask 11 young women how they deal with stressful situations in college. They offer healthy tips that you can use in your daily lives to overcome those big hurdles and keep your cool. Natasha, 20 / junior: I’m a junior in college and I’m really feeling the weight from my classes. My teachers expect the best from me and I have homework due almost every day. Life can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, I workout a lot. I feel like it’s a great way to lessen my stress and calm my nerves. At the end of each day I visit my campus’ recreation center and join their fitness classes. Yoga, Pilates, and power flow are great workout routines to strength my body. Each session has several breaks focused on breathing so my body can relax. I advise anyone wanting a healthy and fit way …


Aralí West; A Creative Genius & Her Adventures

What’s your niche? What is the one thing that anyone and everyone comes to you for advice on? Southern Californian, Aralí West has found her calling in not one, but three creative mediums. The most interesting thing about being an artist is the versatility that comes with expressing yourself. West’s creative skills stemmed from a hobby to a business of photography, graphic design, and fashion. After studying journalism at Azusa Pacific University, West went back to earn a second degree in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her magazine experience on-campus helped her devolve a love for more hands-on creativity versus the writing route. While beefing up on her design skills, she then picked up photography from a Los Angeles friend in-tune with the fashion industry. Most, if not all artists have a unique entrepreneurial flare about them. They have to brand themselves and make their passion, and talents evolve naturally. In January 2014, she and Jonathan West, her husband founded West Clove, a modernistic and elegant jewelry brand. West approached her …


How Women Are Taking Over Their Careers – Online!

Today, information and services can be spread and received further and faster than ever before because of the Internet. Individuals everywhere are building their careers online based on their talents, services and clients. There is a new wave of bloggers, web developers, and artists who have embraced the idea of becoming their brand and are making great profit! We asked three young women who are looking to become online freelancers and marketing gurus how they feel about their future careers. Nicole, 19 I’m an artist that often uses color pencils and painting for my artwork. I have many sketchbooks of my drawings. Recently, I posted my artwork online and got a nice following. My friends advised me that I should put my work onto shirts, shoes, and other products so I can sell them. I really like this idea and even ordered a box of plain white T’s to work on. I’m taking online classes to learn new skills like Adobe Photoshop so I can become a graphic designer. I feel like there’s so much free information and …