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Natasha Janardan-YHM01

Natasha Janardan: Breaking Stereotypes of the Creative Industry

Photographer, Natasha Janardan, is quite the artist with her mellow attitude on-set which allows her models to relax and get imaginative. However, she understands the determination needed to survive this crazy and sometimes ego-driven industry. Janardan expresses in her interview with us that she educates others, specifically women, about the hardships of the creative industry. YHM: What drew you to photography and how did you get started? Natasha Janardan: I have always been interested in taking pictures. I really enjoy the way photos can look really different in camera than what people see with the naked eye. When I first started out I really enjoyed taking macro nature photography. Ever since the 5th grade I had a camera attached to my hip so I don’t really remember how I got really into photography. All I knew was that I liked how fast digital photography was and how editing can completely change the mood of the picture. YHM: What would you say is your unique touch that makes your body of work different from other photographers? …


Aralí West; A Creative Genius & Her Adventures

What’s your niche? What is the one thing that anyone and everyone comes to you for advice on? Southern Californian, Aralí West has found her calling in not one, but three creative mediums. The most interesting thing about being an artist is the versatility that comes with expressing yourself. West’s creative skills stemmed from a hobby to a business of photography, graphic design, and fashion. After studying journalism at Azusa Pacific University, West went back to earn a second degree in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her magazine experience on-campus helped her devolve a love for more hands-on creativity versus the writing route. While beefing up on her design skills, she then picked up photography from a Los Angeles friend in-tune with the fashion industry. Most, if not all artists have a unique entrepreneurial flare about them. They have to brand themselves and make their passion, and talents evolve naturally. In January 2014, she and Jonathan West, her husband founded West Clove, a modernistic and elegant jewelry brand. West approached her …


Music Crush; NF an Authentic New Rapper To Love

When you find good music you share it. That is exactly what I did when I started listening to Nate Feuerstein. The Michigan native rapper/singer who goes by the title NF, is a must listen. Here’s why! It was about three in the afternoon and my morning coffee was starting to wear off. Instead of pouring another cup I headed straight for to re-motivate my brain to stay awake. After a few familiar hits, NF’s smooth vocals started playing up in his hit single “Wake Up” which was followed by some pretty edgy lines. Okay, you have my attention. I stopped everything I was doing immediately because I had to know who this was. Thanks Google and YouTube for your collective information on my new favorite artist. Rarely will you find YHM buzzing about upcoming rappers, but there was such a positive and thought-provoking aesthetic to NF’s music that I knew we had to share. He effortlessly transitions from rapping to singing in his songs like “All I Have” and “Face It.” Currently signed to …


Editor’s Favorite Places in New York City

Editor’s Note: When I first joined Young Hot & Modern Magazine in 2013, I was a junior at Rutgers University and an intern. Now, I’m the Senior Contributing Editor and starting my post-grad career at Men’s Fitness/Muscle & Fitness/Flex/Muscle & Fitness Hers. It’s amazing how much YHM helped me become a better writer, editor, and feel more comfortable in my skin. I’ll always be grateful for that. YHM has grown so much throughout these past couple of years and has truly made an impact on myself, and the community. The magazine strives to encourage and celebrate women of all backgrounds. You can be an artist, a designer, a musician, or a cook but we all have something in common: we’re following our dreams while trying to be as authentic as possible. We embrace diversity, struggle, and hard work and I truly hope that message comes across. Yegide, the Creative Director and Founder is an awesome colleague and person. She’s not only my “boss” but a close friend whom I trust. Young Hot & Modern Magazine could not be in better hands. Congratulations …


Potatopia; Potatoes A Side Dish? No Way!

Trekking our way through familiar streets of the West Village has never been met with the appetite for a potato loaded menu, but there we were. Potatopia, pronounced  pota • topia, welcomed us with zigzag prints, modern art, and of course, a few delicious takes on serving up the spud. New York is jam-packed with fine eateries and the New Jersey native restaurant has become a fast casual food sensation in NYC topped with organic and gourmet dishes.  Allen Dikker, founder of Potatopia, has garnered attention from BuzzFeed, The New York Times, and Thrillist. He took some time out from his busy schedule to give us the back story. YHM: What makes Potatopia a New York must-try? Allen Dikker: Potatopia offers something for everyone –including adults, kids, carnivores, vegetarians, and even gluten-free eaters. Potatopia’s menu features customizable options, including ten different potato styles and premium toppings, which include oven-roasted chicken, marinated sirloin steak, BBQ pulled pork, vegetarian chili, a variety of vegetables and more, as well as signature items, such as Curly Sue and I Think Therefore I Yam. YHM: How do you and your staff come up …


Vinyl Revival: Return of the Record Player

When was the last time you bought a CD? After the advent of streaming programs like or, can you even remember the last time you downloaded an album? It’s no secret CD sales have been steadily declining, even long before people started downloading or streaming music, and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better for the compact disc industry. Digital ownership has quickly become the norm for music lovers. However, there’s one market slowly (very slowly) creeping back with rising sales. And it’s nothing new to consider. Much like your parents and their parents before them, if one wanted to own high quality music, you got a record player and you got some records for it. While still much of a niche market, and likely to continue to be one for the time being, there is something not only retro or vintage about vinyls, but also very special about listening to music from one. Nowadays, listening to music isn’t much of an experience; you don’t even have to buy …