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Let It Be Worn: Cherry On Top

New York Fashion Week is all about fashion—from the runway to straight-up street style. We braved the brisk air of February’s runway early this year, and bumped into the stylish Monica Krystel Rose, of Let It Be Worn. This lovely lady is the last in our fashion blogger collaboration line-up and her look is a blend of minimalism and sass. Oh, how I love fall! It’s the perfect weather to still wear my summer favorites and make them better with warmer layers & accessories. With this look, I skipped the layering and went for a long sleeve maxi dress with an asymmetric neckline, and an up-to-there thigh high slit. It’s a basic dress with sassy details. I even wore it to a wedding once! To keep the look from being too feisty, I chose to wear my classic Adidas shell tops. Not only are they comfortable, they make any outfit a little bit cooler. I think comfort is the key to confidence in any outfit. I added a fun element by wearing a bright red Panama hat, the …


Glam by Moni: Rebel Yell

It’s almost the end of September, which means it’s almost time for leather jacket season! Mônica Hill of Glam by Moni is rocking out in a vintage fall look and we can’t help ourselves. Now is the time to gear up on a few ripped denim pieces, leather jackets, and your favorite vintage band tees. The Brazilian native blogger talks how this current runway trend is making its way into casual street wear. It’s Monica from Glam by Moni here! Today, I want to share the outfit that I believe is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe this fall – the rebel yell look. I am a huge lover of leather jackets and everything related to the punk rock look. I was very excited to see that my favorite designers (from Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang) decided to go with a dark Goth look for their fall/winter collection. Think everything from leather to ripped tights, studs, and chains—your inner rocker’s dream!   So let me talk a little bit about my outfit choice. For jeans, I picked the Frame Denim in distressed black. Black denim is a staple …


Julia Fashionista: The Perfect Transition

It’s time for another fall style inspiration from our latest blogger collaboration. Up next is Julia of Julia Fashionista. Her tip for a fun summer to fall style transition: midi-skirts paired with chic sweaters. This style brings casual and trendy together in an effortless way. Autumn, a season of great wonders. Not only is Mother Nature making itself pretty and ready for winter, but it is also the season where you can still show some skin while looking stylish in your new sweaters! I love the skirt and sweater combo as it is the best style transition before winter. It keeps you warm yet it makes you look elegant. The sweater is casual while the skirt dresses up your look. The perfect contrast! Midi-skirts can be tough to style as they are very ladylike, but by pairing it with a girlie sweater, it makes the look more playful without being overpowering. The skirt and sweater combination is good for any occasion and the styling possibilities are endless. Try a mini skirt with an over-sized sweater or …


The Petite Principle: Falling for Stripes

Maia of The Petite Principle is daring you to keep your summer dresses stocked and ready to go for a total fun autumn wardrobe. She is second in line for our blogger collaboration and is not letting the cold months damp her style. Check out her summer to fall fashion guide. I’ve said this so many times but I’ll happily say it again. Fall is my favorite season! The fall foliage, the crisp weather, and the best season for fashion. As we head into fall, I’m going to take any chance I can to wear a striped mini-dress. It might not be completely practical for the cooler months but it can easily be paired with some embroidered tights or over the knee boots, like these grey suede ones that I’m obsessed with. The mini-dress is perfect for any petite gal (and tall gals alike), and it’s a fun way to incorporate a summer piece into a fall look. This one will easily remain a staple in my fall wardrobe and it goes so well with a longer cardigan, an …


theStyleWright: The Perfect Fall Transitional Outfit

Summer to fall style is going to be pretty effortless with our blogger collaboration line-up this month. First up is Kasey Ma of theStyleWright. You might remember her from our Thanksgiving features last year. Ma is a blogger newbee, but no stranger to the world of fashion. So, how do you make your summer hues transition into your fall wardrobe and shoes? Let me start you off with the month of September – the sun’s still bright and warm, but there is the occasional draft in the air to waft the heat. I, for one, like to incorporate the light colors of the summer, like this light-blue cotton cut-out shirt, and pair it with hints of black and olive green as seen in my heels. The button-down has a light feel to it – it has a very classy look from the front and a sexy look on the sides with the double-layered cutouts. Next, we go down to the satin black shorts that are simple, comfortable, and extremely affordable. To top it all off, the chunky heels have a …

Suit Up In Chic Leggings + A Velvet Skirt

Let’s talk “legs for days” on our recent photo shoot for our Leggsington collaboration. Our two gorgeous models could not stop raving about how soft and comfortable their leggings were. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the beautiful wine red Rosalie Velvet Skirt. Leggsington has got you covered for the holiday season from their comfy joggers to lounge around into their lace skirts for a chic night out. We dressed up the Rosalie skirt and the Jasmine Velvet Leggings with a wintery theme. Then we amped-up the Lola Matte leggings and Donia Velvet Jogger with a glam-urban flare. You can say we had a bit of a velvet crush but who can blame us? As temperatures swiftly begin to go against the warm breeze we seek, you can definitely count on a plush velvet fabric to keep you cozy. Be sure to tune into our Instagram account as we raffle off some of these comfy and stylish gems this month! By Yegide Matthews / Photos: YHM Magazine Archive