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Suit Up In Chic Leggings + A Velvet Skirt

Let’s talk “legs for days” on our recent photo shoot for our Leggsington collaboration. Our two gorgeous models could not stop raving about how soft and comfortable their leggings were. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the beautiful wine red Rosalie Velvet Skirt. Leggsington has got you covered for the holiday season from their comfy joggers to lounge around into their lace skirts for a chic night out. We dressed up the Rosalie skirt and the Jasmine Velvet Leggings with a wintery theme. Then we amped-up the Lola Matte leggings and Donia Velvet Jogger with a glam-urban flare. You can say we had a bit of a velvet crush but who can blame us? As temperatures swiftly begin to go against the warm breeze we seek, you can definitely count on a plush velvet fabric to keep you cozy. Be sure to tune into our Instagram account as we raffle off some of these comfy and stylish gems this month! By Yegide Matthews / Photos: YHM Magazine Archive


1990s Modern Flare

Whether you’re sifting through your mom’s closet or trekking through racks at a thrift shop, 90’s jeans should be on your list of things to snag. Although boyfriend jeans are in spotlight, everyone seems to be ready for a “90s fashion revival. We decked out a our favorite pair of denim jeans from TOPSHOP that screams Hilary Banks is in town. The ’90s was the beginning of the causal chic era. Today, that chicness is on a new level of modern flare. By Pamela Logan


Stripes on Stripes: My Personal Style Tips

Everyone is entitled to wear stripes on stripes, it’s just a matter of if you’re doing it well. To me, any kind of pattern with any kind of print will do. Just about. There are, of course, the exclusions, but I have yet to find any print/pattern mix that I didn’t love. I will wear this top with just about any bottom, as long as it has a high waist. The reason? Because it is cropped. Surprise! I got this Burberry crop top second-hand and it is always my go-to when I have a new printed skirt. I wear it with my vintage looking paisley skirt, my denim overall dress or with high track pants. As far as accessories go, I obsess over statement necklaces with crew-neck tops. I got this necklace at Goodwill for $3. It is made of numerous plates that come together to create this geometric transformer-esque neck piece. On a scale of 1 to best-Goodwill-purchase-of-my-life? Take a guess. Take fashion risks, because isn’t that what style is all about? My personal …


Seven Nation Army

We’re bringing army back big time this season! Everywhere I turn, nearly every designer/shop has a rendition of this super functional military classic. There are so many fun silhouettes and takes on the standard army jacket available at the moment and this one was hard to pass up! Not only is the shape and movement of this piece unique, but it’s also a true steal for under $40! Keeping comfort in mind during long school days, I grabbed a super comfy and loose fitting white graphic tee and slipped on a pair of black distressed skinny jeans. Style tip: Adding balance to outfits is key! If you are wearing a billowy top, reach for more tailored bottoms like skinny jeans or tights. If you are wearing a more body conscious top, pair it with loose fitting bottoms like boyfriend jeans or flowy skirts! Now, let’s get to the fun part! Olive green is a wonderful neutral base to work off of. This leopard print circle scarf is absolute perfection against army green and scarves are …


Plaid Skirt One More Time

Everytime I see a plaid skirt, what comes to my mind is an old school uniform. As obvious as it is, I believe every girl would love to dress in a plaid skirt and high knee socks. Even Britney Spears! As we saw in a sexy plaid skirt version on her music video: “Baby One More Time,” they are also a must have for Rachel Berry from Glee. In addition to the famous TV stars, the plaid skirt is a true back-to-school option for girls. The skirt, plus high knee socks are awesome for this “end of summer” time of the year, when is not too hot but not yet cold. With this look I am wearing a light white sweater which works great for the approaching cooler fall weather. The white, red and black colors match well together, making the entire outfit charming. Time for “back-to-school”, let’s rock a preppy plaid skirt and feel like we are part of Glee or Gossip Girl. It is not restricted to TV shows only. You can wear …

Mad for Plaid

The very first thing that comes to mind when I think of back-to-school wardrobe essentials is PLAID! I’m totally mad for plaid! The all-American plaid shirt, grunge era plaid skirts & 70’s inspired plaid dresses — plaid is the ultimate fall staple! Not to mention, completely comfortable and always on trend! We are all prone to pairing our favorite tartan button-downs with a pair of jeans, but why not swap out the jeans for a jean jacket & opt for an adorable black faux leather skirt instead? This is an easy way to give an otherwise classic, boyish shirt a more feminine & slightly edgier flair! I’ve been experimenting with not making my outfits so matchy-match and it’s become my favorite past time. With this outfit, I focused on breaking up the colors to give the ensemble a little more life and make it a little more interesting to the eye. A denim washed cropped jean jacket over a primarily white and red plaid shirt, tucked into a pleated black faux leather skirt paired with …