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The Fashion Guitar: Real Talk with Charlotte Groeneveld

We love a candid talk here at YHM and Charlotte Groeneveld of the popular travel and style blog, The Fashion Guitar, opens up about her ever budding business and the “real-factor” of being a social influencer. Since 2010, Groeneveld has digitally captured her lifestyle and her 485k+ social followers have taken a personal ride with the blogger turned fashion designer and so much more. Her Donsje Amsterdam and Fab. By Fabienne fashion collections are just two of the many highlights Groeneveld has shared with us all. She admits the design world was not for her, but doesn’t rule it out completely. What’s her dream collaboration? “I’m living my dream right now!” YHM Magazine: You’re originally from The Netherlands, but you lived in other major fashion areas. What are some of the fashion differences of living in New York City and London versus back home? Charlotte Groeneveld: Biggest difference is that in London and New York fashion actually lives. People do dress in the latest collections, and there are more fashionable women out there than I …


Cindy Nguyen; 13 Internships & Counting

There is a buzz on 45th Street in Midtown, New York as tourists and New Yorkers claim the last few weeks of warm breeze, before autumn fully sinks in. They mingle about the street fair, gravitating towards colorful hand-woven baskets and the smoky aroma of freshly grilled corn on the cob. Making her way through the crowded tourist attraction is 20-year-old Cindy Nguyen, who has managed to accumulate thirteen plus internships before starting her junior year at Pace University. We settled down and decided to skip the cafe’s menu, and started chatting about her glamorous resume accomplishments since we met two years ago. Cindy is now a Public Relations intern at Valentino, one of the most quintessential fashion houses she has been blessed to walk the halls of. There is no subtlety about her love for branding and confidence to set herself a part from her peers. This charm was perfected while peeking out from the back rooms of Watertown Tanning, her parent’s beauty salon. Subsequently, ending her intern turned freelancer position at Christian Louboutin, Cindy …


Manda Unchained

Taking a chance and making a change in life does not always come easy. There are the finical aspects of it as well as the psychological aspects, but California native Amanda Tjan has been able to conquer that and more. Tjan attended Boston College and while there studied abroad in Madrid. “ I fell in love with the city,” she said. “ I wanted to come back.” And after graduating in 2011, that’s exactly what she did. She moved to Madrid to teach English and continued to fall in love with the city. “ With the city, and not a boy,” she clarified. Always a fan of fashion, Tjan noticed, “in Madrid- and Spain in general- they’re about 2 years behind as far as fashion goes and there’s not a lot of variation.” So she took it upon herself to change that and start her own jewelry line: Manda Unchained. Ava necklace “Manda in Spanish is the command form for the word to demand. The idea of Manda Unchained is to demand what you want, …


MIMU MAXI: Finding Style in Modesty

In a time where people on television and in magazines are often overly exposed, it comes as a refresher to see people covering up rather than dressing down. Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik, two sisters-in-law, have made that easier with their modest and stylish fashion company, MIMU MAXI “I think the notion of modest fashion is the idea of modesty not being about hiding yourself but about empowering yourself and not about having to give into society’s standard of what’s fashionable,” says Hecht. In August of 2013, after being dissatisfied with the clothing available to fit their Orthodox Jewish standards of modesty – covered collarbones, elbows and knees – the two Brooklyn-based designers put their idea of clothing that is both modest and fashionable into action. The name MIMU MAXI is a combination of the first two letters of both of their names and maxi from a maxi skirt; which was their first design. But now the name means something different to them. “We’re not just doing maxi skirts anymore. Our overall collection incorporates tops, skirts …


Reverie; Whimsical Chic Fashion

Instagram always seems to find me luck when searching for new designers or the best places to eat in New York. Such luck brought me to the stylish feed of Reverie. Designer, Ronit Genik, graduated from Parsons School of Design with a unique vision to play with different pattens and themes. Her F/W 2014 collection captures a magnified view of snowflakes to give her pieces an eccentric feel for the season. YHM: What was your inspiration to become a fashion designer? Ronit Genik: I have always loved fashion and style. From a young age, I have always been creative – sketching, creating clothes and accessories, and collecting fashion magazines, which inspired me to strive towards going to fashion school and having my own line. YHM: When did you start designing your own products? Reverie? RG: After working in the fashion industry for several years, I launched Reverie a few years ago and have been creating beautiful, chic clothing for women that embody youthful edge and personal style. “I love using fabrications and prints to tell …


Jeanne Grey; A Flare For Making A Difference

What can make helping your community fun? Using your skills and network to do so. Jeanne Grey, of the Grey Layers, is one of few leaders out there stylishly serving her blogging community while making a difference. On October 6, 2014 Grey teamed up with a dedicated set of personal style bloggers to host a “Shop My Closet” event where proceeds went towards the American Cancer Society. This act of kindness was not a one-time deal for her. Grey hopes to continue creating awareness about other issues not just through fashion, but also in cosmetics. I want to create a make-up line [one day] that donates to battered women,” mentions Grey. Tagging along for this journey will be a lineup of fellow bloggers she has faithfully committed her time to befriending and working with. “I do lots of events to make blogging a community… Everyone is so talented. Everyone is out on their own and we should come together,” stresses Grey. She gushes that one of the most rewarding aspect of blogging is inspiring others …