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MIMU MAXI: Finding Style in Modesty

In a time where people on television and in magazines are often overly exposed, it comes as a refresher to see people covering up rather than dressing down. Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik, two sisters-in-law, have made that easier with their modest and stylish fashion company, MIMU MAXI “I think the notion of modest fashion is the idea of modesty not being about hiding yourself but about empowering yourself and not about having to give into society’s standard of what’s fashionable,” says Hecht. In August of 2013, after being dissatisfied with the clothing available to fit their Orthodox Jewish standards of modesty – covered collarbones, elbows and knees – the two Brooklyn-based designers put their idea of clothing that is both modest and fashionable into action. The name MIMU MAXI is a combination of the first two letters of both of their names and maxi from a maxi skirt; which was their first design. But now the name means something different to them. “We’re not just doing maxi skirts anymore. Our overall collection incorporates tops, skirts …

On Friday We Wear Red: Raising Awareness for Heart Disease

February 6th probably doesn’t come  across your mind as a significant day. It’s Friday, so you’ll probably be getting out of class or work, and ready to dedicate a weekend of some intense reflection (we sure will be) on Katy Perry’s half-time show. In all seriousness, there is a reason why this Friday is important. Since 2003, the American Heart Association has been celebrating National Wear Red Day every first Friday of February in an effort to raise awareness about heart disease among women. To #GoRed is a reminder to people that heart disease and strokes don’t just affect men. They’re affecting just as many women every day, or as their website says, “Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women, yet it’s 80% preventable.” With such a large number of women possibly crossing paths with heart disease, the campaign to “wear red” has only become more important to the public in recent years. For the 12th anniversary of National Wear Red Day, it won’t only be women wearing red. Over in New Jersey, …


How to Layer Summer Pieces for Winter Fashion

January is coming to an end but the winter chill is still lingering around. Cara Kovacs of The Stylephile helps us spice up our winter wardrobe by layering our favorite summer pieces. I was raised in Florida, so winter fashion is sort of an acquired skill for me. However, I love accessorizing and mixing styles, and winter is one of the best seasons to do this. Layering is the key to playing with winter style. Warm weather accessories are so much more varied than in other times of the year. Scarves, gloves, and hats are just the beginning. I love playing with pairing sweaters with vests or button downs, and tights or chunky socks with booties and knee-highs. This look is a perfect example of that. Most people think they have to pack their mini skirts away all season long, but where’s the fun in that? I wanted to challenge myself to stay toasty in a short skirt by adding warm sweaters, and my favorite vintage coat. Then, my favorite part, of piling on accessories let …


Marie Mag; A New Kind of Winter Fashion

We’re back with another winter style special! Let’s take some tips from Candace Marie of Marie Mag and ditch those dark winter hues and wrap up in a bold sleek outerwear. My style has evolved over the years and as I have become more aware of who I am, my outside appearance has reflected that wholeheartedly.  For the winter I picked out pieces with bold colors and prints like my coats. I tend to gravitate towards winter fashion that makes a bold statement.  This boxy yet sleek vintage wool coat caught my eye while thrifting and I knew immediately that I would need this piece for my closet. Underneath my coat I kept it simple with a pair of skinny 7 Jeans and an Urban Outfitters stripped shirt top.  To reflect the masculine feel of the coat I added a pair of Aldo Sneakers to the mix. Fashion Life New Years Resolution This year I want to hit the ground running so I wrote out some of my New Year’s Resolutions.  On the top of …


No Wrapping Needed; A New Scarf Twist

We’re kicking off the new year with a cozy and seasonal blogger collaboration! First up is Van Le of Forevervanny who gives us a twist on a winter staple piece. Whilst flipping through J.Crew’s catalogs from a couple of months back, I came across this method of scarf tucking. It was a sort of new and different way of wearing a scarf at first, but something that totally made sense to me right away. With the amount of scarves that I own, I can speak from experience that no matter what method you tie your scarf with, this one will take you the least amount of time, and provide you the most warmth — basically, you just put on your scarf before you throw that oversized sweater on and that’s it. When it comes to plaid and color block scarves, it’s ideal to showcase them over your ensemble, however, with so many basic solid color scarves in my personal closet, I’m convinced that this is the way for them to be worn. I love that they …

Suit Up In Chic Leggings + A Velvet Skirt

Let’s talk “legs for days” on our recent photo shoot for our Leggsington collaboration. Our two gorgeous models could not stop raving about how soft and comfortable their leggings were. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the beautiful wine red Rosalie Velvet Skirt. Leggsington has got you covered for the holiday season from their comfy joggers to lounge around in to their lace skirts for a chic night out. We dressed up the Rosalie skirt and the Jasmine Velvet Leggings with a winter-y theme. Then we amped-up the Lola Matte leggings and Donia Velvet Jogger with a glam-urban flare. You can say we had a bit of a velvet crush but who can blame us? As temperatures swiftly begin to go against the warm breeze we seek, you can definitely count on a plush velvet fabric to keep you cozy. Be sure to tune in to our Instagram account as we raffle off some of these comfy and stylish gems this month!